Advanced Photon Source

At synchrotron facilities using the EPICS [EPICS:01] software for area detectors [AD:01] with the NDFileHDF5 plugin [AD:02], is possible to save Data Exchange files by properly configure the detector and the HDF schema attribute files to obtain txm.h5

Here are the templates in use at the Advanced Photon Source:


To check that the areadetector attributes and layout XML contain a set of matching names run:

$ bash
usertxm@txmtwo$ grep -oP 'name=\"\K[^\"]+' TomoScanDetectorAttributes.xml | while read -r line ; do echo -n "$line " ; grep -q "$line" TomoScanLayout.xml && echo true || echo false ; done | grep false
usertxm@txmtwo$ grep -oP 'ndattribute=\"\K[^\"]+' TomoScanLayout.xml | while read -r line; do echo -n "$line "; grep -q "$line" TomoScanDetectorAttributes.xml && echo true || echo false ; done |grep false